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What Are The Best Practices For Creating Engaging Instagram Content?

Instagram is a popular social network with over 400 million active users per month. The platform is ideal for anyone who wants to share visually-appealing content with their online friends and followers, from professional photographers and graphic designers to amateur bloggers. Here are the best practices for creating engaging Instagram content.

Find and engage with your target audience

There should be no question about the main reason for registering on Instagram – to build a community of like-minded individuals who will support your business or personal brand. Your account should be customized for this specific audience, with a profile photo that represents you, and that includes your name or logo.

You should also upload photos or videos of your work and display them prominently on your page. If you are a designer or an artist, highlight your work. Create relevant hashtags for your brand, industry and target audience. Make sure that the content on your page is interesting, informative and compelling to viewers.

Upload the right content

Instagram has strict guidelines for the type of content allowed on its platform. The platform allows photos that can be in any format, including images, videos or GIFs (emoji art). Users can also share text, but the platform does not allow videos with sound or audio. This is important because Instagram uses video to help users connect one another. You should upload photos that are high resolution and highly visual so that your audience can easily see what you have to offer.


Web design company Go Read gets its name on Instagram, as it has received a fair amount of reviews for selling Instagram likes. It uses high-quality images that are well-composed and creative. Simple photographs can be used to showcase new product designs, clients’ testimonies and more.

Photographs can be of people and dogs, as these are common subjects in visual communication. The platform doesn’t allow content that violates its community guidelines. If you have an Instagram account, you will notice that it is impossible to share any inappropriate or illegal content on Instagram.

Build an engaged audience

Instagram has a key role in building community around your brand (or business). Posts should generate interactions from your audience, whether that be comments, likes or shares. The goal of this is to create a community of loyal followers who will support you and stay updated on your content. Therefore, keep posting relevant and visually appealing aspects of your business.

Get feedback on your posts using online polls, so that you can improve them for the next time you share them. Users also respond to posts that are emotional and show people in a positive light. This helps to build trust among followers and leads to engagement from others.